Love what you do, do what you love

“Love what you do, do what you love”.  This is one of my favourite phrase. I love when I wake up in the morning, sitting near the window heading to the east where the Sun is rising. This morning the Sun greets me so peacefully. She warms me up in this chilly weather of September. I love Sun! She does a great deal of job to the earth. I always wonder, does the Sun love what she does to the Earth? or does she really love the Earth? If we take few minutes to understand how the Sun works for all the living in the world, spreading out its lovely shines around the spinning earth, I will simply realize the Sun is a life. But still, we wake up in the morning, we think how unnecessary it is saying “Thanks to the Sun, you’re still shining so brightly”. Instead of doing that, we tend to fill up the hearts with regrets and disappointments of the good things we have.

I never realise my mummy like cooking a lot, there is a magic power of the cooking.  I am always afraid to mess up the kitchen and fail to cook ‘professionally’. Before I start cooking, I’m always whispering in my heart, hoping that the food will taste good (at least for my tongue). First time, second time, third time, and I finally find cooking is the healer. It heals my bad mood, it heals my headache, it heals my heart.

Last night, I made pancakes for my friends in my apartment. Cooking makes my feeling better, even it’s just for pancakes with maple syrup. It made me laugh when too much milk I mixed in the flour. It made me panic, when I left the pan in the kitchen. It made me laugh when finally it looked weird to be called as pancakes 😛 The smiling pancakes

The smiling pancakes