Oh Nein! Mein Deutsch!

As I came here, in the States, of course I forget my German. I really miss it! I miss the class, the time I got stuck with some German grammar and just left it. Oh yeah, I miss it. Now, no German at all in my daily life here. I used to read some German articles, but now oh no! I left my German magic book-the summary of my German classes, call it my magic book :'(((( home in Indonesia 😦


My international students coordinator at college is actually a German-blood woman. I was really excited to speak in German with her, but suddenly oh no.. Pleassseee teach me German! Please I need to speak German, please I want to those German words in my mind, everlasting 😦 pleaseee *screaming*. Ich brauche einen Deutsch Lehrer. Oh come on donna! This is America. LOL


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