The July Summer Wind

I would never forget the first time I landed in this land, the United States. It was July 14, 2013. I was having my flight alone from Changi Airport Singapore to Chicago O’Hare Airport, after I had my previous flight with the other friends. At first I had anxiety of that. It was a very long flight, 20 hours. I wondered, what if I missed the flight or got the wrong gate for the next flight during my transit. But, nothing I actually had to worry about. I landed safely, missed no flight and got the right gate, here I am now sitting in my living room apartment, 390 Spruce Lane #212,Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

That aeroplane, which was heading to the US and taking me high hundreds feet above the Pacific ocean. I clicked the map on the screen in front of my seat. I checked the map often and wondered where on earth I was.  It was getting to be darker night sky. Well, I was on the other part of the world. Few hours later, I saw the shiny summer sky through the window. I was flying! Yeah! I was there.

One hour before landing,  I was getting more excited. I was waiting for the start of an experience, landing my feet on this country. I was waiting, looking through window. It was getting closer to the earth. That plane was getting to touch the ground. I whisper, thank God I landed safely! I went out the plane and I felt it! The summer wind was blowing.  Life has become so harsh to me, kicking me hard to face, and now it gave me a chance, to feel both the pain and happiness through this July Summer.


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