Habe ich keine Lust?

This March I have just finished my German course class for A2 level. Nothing to be proud actually! I plan to postpone my German course in the next quarter (Start from B1) since I’ve got lot things to prepare besides my German this year. My teacher (Deutschlehrerin) in this level is from India. She speaks German, English, and very little Indonesian. I still recall a time in our first meeting of the class, with her fluent German accent, I still couldn’t catch what she talked about! L Languange barrier -___-

Two weeks before our class over, she asked my reasons for not continuing to the next level. I just firstly answered “Ich bin sehr mϋde Beena (my teacher’s name)”. In that day she gave us our exams results. She looked quite impressed in my way of learning, how I remark the subject and the verb in the grammatical test, which (for her) showed a good way of learning.

When I wanted to go home, she gave some suggestions regarding my German course. Firstly she asked me, “Hast du keine Lust?” She suggested me to take the evening courses.  I tried to explain in German but I have no idea to pour out my German in front of her. No no no! I just told her “Ich habe keine Zeit (I have no time)”. She said that I had a good way of learning and she suggested that I should improve it. Danke fϋr dein Vorschlag, Beena! But it wouldn’t change my mind. In my way back home, Beena’s question crossed my mind and I asked myself whether I still have a desire to learn German or not. Habe Ich keine Lust? Well, well, all I can say is just auf wiedersehen A2 Klasse!


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