Liebe Vergangenheit, vielen Dank!

Heute ist das ende des Märzs und erinnere ich mich meine Vergangenheit. Als ich in der Schule war, hatte ich in der Schuleorganisation teilgenommen. In der erste Zeit meiner Teilnahme, hatte ich eine Angst um die Organisation zu bearbeiten. Was ich immer bedanke mich ist meine Freunde, mein Team. Sie hatten mir geholfen. Wenn wir ein Programm entschieden, diskutierten wir zusammen. Manchmal hatten wir verschiedene Idee. Das ist ein Problem eigentlich! Wir brauchen mehr Zeit um Entscheidung zu machen. Aber konnten wir das beenden. Jetzt denke ich meine Erfahrung. Sie ist meine beste Lehrerin des Lebens. Dort habe ich viele Werte der Organisation gelernt. Ich habe gelerent um Unterschied zu verstehen. Obwohl hatte ich zuerst eine groβe Angst, endlich schafften wir das.  Es reut mich nicht, dass ich eine Mӧglichkeit genommen habe. Well, thank you 😀


Culture Shock 4: American Man Enters Bakery in His Pajamas Seeking Change


Oh God, My Wife Is German.

During the morning of November 29, 2012, the doorbell rang while I was working at my computer. It was pretty early, so I was still wearing my red plaid pajama pants and white undershirt. I was also wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers and my black Electric Six hoodie (with the hood drawn over my head, hovering just above my eyes, like a badass necromancer). I buzzed the person into the building and waited outside the door of our apartment. A mailman came charging up the stairs carrying a cardboard box addressed to me.

I spoke with him using a mix of English and violently broken German. What follows is our interaction, if everything were translated directly, word-for-word, into English.

ME: “A very pretty morning to you, Sir.”

MAILMAN: “Hello. This is a UPS delivery for you. You need to pay the shipping fee. It is €35.69 euros.”


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Culture Shock 8: How to Out Yourself as an American in Germany (In 2 Seconds or Less)

What should I say then 😀

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

Sometime in November of 2012, The Wife and I ventured into the university district of Hannover known as Nordstadt. Nordstadt is home to Leibniz University, where watery-eyed nerds go to study science and engineering. (And I bet they eat a ton of Döner Kebabs too. German nerds love Döner Kebabs.)

We found several pubs around the university and settled into one called Gaststätte Kaiser. The word ‘Kaiser’ immediately brought to mind Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects… and also a round, soft bread roll with a crisp crust. (Delicious!)

The waitress approached our table and I attempted to order beers for myself and my wife. What follows is our interaction if you were to translate everything — directly and literally — into English:

ME: “A pretty evening to you. We here… I mean, the us, would very gladly have two massive pilsner beers.”

WAITRESS: *Smiling* “Two, one-liter…

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“I believe that…

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Habe ich keine Lust?

This March I have just finished my German course class for A2 level. Nothing to be proud actually! I plan to postpone my German course in the next quarter (Start from B1) since I’ve got lot things to prepare besides my German this year. My teacher (Deutschlehrerin) in this level is from India. She speaks German, English, and very little Indonesian. I still recall a time in our first meeting of the class, with her fluent German accent, I still couldn’t catch what she talked about! L Languange barrier -___-

Two weeks before our class over, she asked my reasons for not continuing to the next level. I just firstly answered “Ich bin sehr mϋde Beena (my teacher’s name)”. In that day she gave us our exams results. She looked quite impressed in my way of learning, how I remark the subject and the verb in the grammatical test, which (for her) showed a good way of learning.

When I wanted to go home, she gave some suggestions regarding my German course. Firstly she asked me, “Hast du keine Lust?” She suggested me to take the evening courses.  I tried to explain in German but I have no idea to pour out my German in front of her. No no no! I just told her “Ich habe keine Zeit (I have no time)”. She said that I had a good way of learning and she suggested that I should improve it. Danke fϋr dein Vorschlag, Beena! But it wouldn’t change my mind. In my way back home, Beena’s question crossed my mind and I asked myself whether I still have a desire to learn German or not. Habe Ich keine Lust? Well, well, all I can say is just auf wiedersehen A2 Klasse!