The Last Post

I’ve been waiting for the right time to write this kind of post! Finally, at the last day in this 2012, I’m gonna write this and I will confess what I need to confess in this post. At the end of this year, I’m so much happier since things are getting much better when i was trying not to know it more. Back to the past, I finally realize how I’ve been so stupid to care about you and the bad thing is I am trapped in your play. You’re nice, smart, but what I surprisingly find, you did play the heart. Pretending as if you cared, just because you were afraid to tell me the truth. Saying all those damned nice words which for me it does mean nothing now. Totally nothing.

I thought you were a good person, but I think I’ve got the other picture of you. Since that day, I hate when I walked together with you as I did understand it would be just part of your play. At the end, it will just be the worst moment in my life! and yes it is! Well, lately when I asked you some things, it’s more because I needed the information and I don’t mean to really have a chat with you, I was trying not to break the friendship. Never talk with you, actually we did! We never had any chat anymore. That’s totally a good thing for me. Now at the end of this year, let me confess how I felt so surprised with all the lies you told me, though I knew you would do that. I don’t know when we will meet again, but I don’t care now. It’s new year, and I know I’ve been moving on this far. I’m not gonna hate the love. I’m not gonna blame the love just because of you, the one who never deserves it. I know love is a fantasy, it’s a beauty, but sometimes not all people can feel it. I’m getting over you. I will not need you to bring me something just because you wanted to please me. Things were much better before I knew you, and I surely will return the things right. This will be the first and last post about the story. If now you talked more about love, I’m just not really sure it’s truly from your heart. Or yeah maybe you have one heart to live, but not to love. Dear you, I’m moving on.


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