More Efforts?

I’ve just read a book, A Culture Shock, A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette Germany. I’m now trying to get into Germany from several books. At least, I would have been informed myself before I plan to take German course. Richard Lord, in his book said that ‘one must take a serious effort to learn German. Don’t think that you will pick the language up off the streets like it was second nature’. His words suddenly come to my mind and question me whether I take a right decision to start this language or not. Will I be able to speak this language? Will I be able to understand German?

I just have no clearer view about this. I’ll only get the answers when I have started learning German seriously. Probably, I look more at the difficulties rather than to practice more and more, or I just haven’t started to memorize each German word (with their female, male, or natural articles) more intensely, and open dictionaries more often is completely a must for a beginner like me *Seems like I want to carry on my dictionary everywhere I go* Oh, come on Donna!! Ich wϋnsche dass mein Deutsch besser ist!! You need more efforts, Donna!! Remember, when there is a will, there is a way. You’ve just started to learn the language; it doesn’t matter if it puzzles at the beginning. You’ll be able to tackle this! All Indonesian learners must feel the same difficulties when learning this foreign language. Go ahead and keep moving on.