The new box for the 2012

Waw, 2011 ends and we are going to live the 2012!!! And I really want to say:

SORRY for all the mistakes, bad words, bad attitude I’ve done to all of the people around me (mom, dad, sisters, friends, teachers, and everyone!!) We’ll get the new page then  let’s start the new year with new heart 🙂

THANK YOU for all the moments, laughter, sweet memories, helps, blessings from all people around me!! Especially to my beloved parents and sisters for all the support when I feel so bad. Thank You for your hard works this one year!! J Thank You for all who’ve been shaping myself better, Thank You for the inspiration you’ve all given me this one year!!

Entering a New Year means that we’re going to the next challenge of life. So, everyone must have their own resolution for the new year (or maybe some of them do not make the new one since the 2011 resolution is not completed yet XD). Let’s prepare the new box for your 2012 stories.

This year I’ll graduate from high school which means I’m gonna live the new life out of the school. For now I really enjoy my industrial work in this pharmacy industry. I got new knowledge there, new friends, and in this young age I can learn to work in the real laboratory (reallly different with the school lol). I can’t believe that I’ll finish this 3-month industrial work (until the end of January), So far,  things I’ve been through have just helped me to be better, because of that being more grateful completes them all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone !!


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