Wind Against Current

By Johna Till Johnson and Vladimir Brezina

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Experiencing the unexpected is the essence of adventure.

That was amply illustrated by our paddling experience on a recent weekend. In company with Harry and Runar, we set out toward Swinburne Island to see the seals that live there each winter. It was a perfect day for the trip: Sunny, temperature in the high 50s,  just enough wind to make things interesting. We figured it would be a great way to start off the seal-viewing season.

Instead, we ended up spending an afternoon exploring a part of the world we’d never seen before: Red Hook, Brooklyn. What we gave up in paddling and seal-watching we gained back in art, architecture, and entertaining social interactions.

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I have been in BEAUTIFUL California for  couple days now and I am loving every minute of it! The weather has been absolutely magnificent with crisp, sparkly, sunny and warm days. Color me pretty-super happy!.. yay :). Wednesday we went to the Griffith Observatory which it was one of the main things on my to do list as I am fascinated with Astronomy and particularly with Astrophysics. We first took a short hike in the mountains that surround the building, then we walked the wonderful premises of the building and saw a live show at the observatory that it was amazing, and finally we watched the sun setting behind the Pacific Ocean… It really was a perfect day in all aspects. I am very grateful :). Yesterday we went to the taping of the Bill Maher show, I don’t have any images of that of course as they did not permit any photography at the CBS studios, but I enjoyed…

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Central Park

Marina Chetner

Whoever invented the reservoir must have done it with him alone in mind. It was without flaw, a perfect lake set in the most unexpected of locations.*

There is only one place in New York where you can take in beautiful skyline views at ground level, and that’s in Central Park, at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

You can access the Reservoir from the park’s entrances at 86th or 96th streets, from either the Central Park West or Fifth Avenue sides, all within easy reach of the subway. Strolling along the park’s meandering walkways, it doesn’t take long to reach the expansive body of water, circled by a running track and a black, four-foot-high, steel fence. This is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

You can see midtown and upper Manhattan from the western, southern and eastern edges of the reservoir. Prominent buildings look miniature from across the lake…

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Industrial Work Summary

Just in 3 days and, January 2012 is over! Well, I haven’t made more posts for my industrial work activities here. Anyway, I finish the industrial work this month, though so, i still have to prepare the comprehensive test for 13th grader after the industrial work. Lemme summerize all the activites I’ve done for this industrial work here 😀

The 3 months here, in this pharmacy industry  have taught me to see the stark workplace, organism, system, management, administration, and of course a laboratory atmosphere. From 3 months, I just started the more intense work in the 2nd month. Chemical analysts here must be firstly qualified, so I am not allowed to finish the routine analysis for the daily report to the manager  just like the other analysts do. But somehow it didn’t mean I did nothing! lol

I determined some parameters for the raw material and sometimes for the finished products. For instance I determined the LOD (loss on drying), Vitamin C in finished product, Qualitative identification with FT (Fourier Transform Infra-Red), assay for raw materials, just like assay for  Metformin HCl (the raw material for diabetes treatment medicine) with water-free titration using HClO4. The other analysts also taught me how to use Dissolution Disintegration Friabilitor, Karl Fischer Titrator, and Spectrophotometer.

I also visited production room, warehouse, waste treatment area, and the reagents stock room. This room is also called as “ruang api”, which in this room the expired reagents are collected to be sent to other waste management agent. Sometimes I wonder how those chemicals are destroyed ( These chemicals could be flammable, toxic, even some of them could explode if react with water or heat). That is why, this room is far from the other building. Not only the expired reagents saved here, but also the new chemical for being used are stocked here.

In production rooms, I saw the machines are ‘made in Germany and Switzerland’. The instructions for the machine are written in German language.  (See, this 2 German speaking country have an important role for manufacturing machine in our country).

In the waste management area, the waste are collected and separated based on their characteristics and type. There is a room divided in to several areas for paper waste, plastic waste, and cardboard waste. Not only dry solid waste, but the liquid waste are also separated each other. For the water waste (this include all water waste from the whole company building), it is processed by aeration and using biological treatment. (The water is sampled everyday in QC-Laboratory before it is flowed into the river)

What I couldn’t forget is the experience of using a reagent known as Pyridine!! It has a stink odor!!!

We use Pyridine for Karl Fischer method. When the first time I smelled it, it is really damned stink annoying odor came to my nose!!  (I suggest you to stay away from this reagent, wearing the mask near this reagent is important!)

So I have just finished my indusrtial work this month! This is over and the new page is open then. Danke Schon for all 🙂




The Good Old Brooklyn Bridge…


Marina Chetner

… sang Frank Sinatra in the 1940’s black & white film, It Happened in BrooklynThe Brooklyn Bridge  is such a beautiful song.

If someone asked you to name New York’s top three iconic landmarks, I am sure that the Brooklyn Bridge would make the cut. It’s inspired so many films, poems, stories, and life moments.

From this architecturally stunning structure, an open-air viewing deck grant visitors unobstructed New York views, unlike those seen from the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges. (NB: The Bridge is undergoing renovation at this time so there is scaffolding on part of the way from Brooklyn towards its centre).

On the Brooklyn Bridge, everyone shares the same path, which means mayhem. Although a dividing line maintains some order, it doesn’t succeed given the throngs of tourists descend on the bridge daily. Walkers brush shoulders as the stroll from Manhattan to Brooklyn, or vive…

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New York ~ Cloaked in Snow

See New York

Marina Chetner

I haven’t acclimated to the Northern Hempishere’s winters, but I was excited to experience the 2012’s first snowfall and see New York shine under snow. Don’t get me wrong, winter has blessed me with her presence here many times before — last year’s heavy storm left a lasting impression on me; I haven’t relocated back to warmer shores yet (as I vowed to do so at the time) — but I do miss New York’s snow-fringed beauty.

Here’s how the weekend unfolded…


Drinking hot chocolate and watching movies all day would have been idyllic, but I decided to make the most of the 3+ inch snowfall and headed to Manhattan’s West Village. With the Christmas festivities over and holiday lights now taken down, the neighborhood’s streetscapes were still as pretty as ever, with window sills framed by snow, street lights sprinkled with a light dusting of flakes, sidewalks caked…

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Lyrics speak

I dont wanna see your face
I dont wanna hear your name
I dont want a thing just stay away
Dont wanna know if you’re alright
Or what you’re doin with your life

Dont wanna hear you say
You’ll just stay in touch maybe
I’ll get by just fine
And if you’re going then
Good bye, good bye

I’ll forget we ever met
I’ll forget I ever let
Ever let you into this heart of mine
You just gotta let me be
You gotta keep away from me
Cause all i want is just to be free from you
Don’t you come around
And say you still care
About me, just go now , go now

You take it so casually
But  it’s killing me, yeah
Goodbye, goodbye

I don’t Wanna Be Your Friend – Nina

The new box for the 2012

Waw, 2011 ends and we are going to live the 2012!!! And I really want to say:

SORRY for all the mistakes, bad words, bad attitude I’ve done to all of the people around me (mom, dad, sisters, friends, teachers, and everyone!!) We’ll get the new page then  let’s start the new year with new heart 🙂

THANK YOU for all the moments, laughter, sweet memories, helps, blessings from all people around me!! Especially to my beloved parents and sisters for all the support when I feel so bad. Thank You for your hard works this one year!! J Thank You for all who’ve been shaping myself better, Thank You for the inspiration you’ve all given me this one year!!

Entering a New Year means that we’re going to the next challenge of life. So, everyone must have their own resolution for the new year (or maybe some of them do not make the new one since the 2011 resolution is not completed yet XD). Let’s prepare the new box for your 2012 stories.

This year I’ll graduate from high school which means I’m gonna live the new life out of the school. For now I really enjoy my industrial work in this pharmacy industry. I got new knowledge there, new friends, and in this young age I can learn to work in the real laboratory (reallly different with the school lol). I can’t believe that I’ll finish this 3-month industrial work (until the end of January), So far,  things I’ve been through have just helped me to be better, because of that being more grateful completes them all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone !!