Bountiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden (a 300 pound blooming gift included)

Marina Chetner

After working all week in Manhattan, spending time in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden feels like a hiatus. Flush with ponds, trees, and plants, it’s hard to picture the garden’s resplendent 52 acres as a onetime wasteland. Four busy roads surround the  perimeter, but you wouldn’t know it as the green interior is so peaceful. Whether it’s a case of thoughtful design or of a garden’s inherent nature, I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the combination.

Hailing from landscape designer royalty, Brothers Frederick Jr. and John Charles Olmsted (sons of Central Park and Prospect Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted) drafted plans for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, whose ultimate execution opened to the public in 1911. From 1912 until 1945, together with landscape architect, Harold Caparn, the site further developed into the artistic and educational facility it is today.

In spring and summer, the Garden is practically made for dozing — voluminous oaks…

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