Being 18

Today is my day. Today is mybirthday 🙂

So, what will 18 mean to me?

Well, I was thinking the meaning of being an 18. Frankly, I’m a bit afraid of facing the growing life. I mean, you’re getting older every day !!! Actually it’s just the age become older, but life must always be the cheerful young one!! >.<

Being older will take you to the world of adults and sometimes it seriously affects yourself, you need two think wisely about your decision, responsibility and everything. People will see you as a grown-up individual. This year will also be my last birthday in my 4-year high school since next year I’ll be officially graduated.

December means a lot to me!! I Why? Because December is the month I was born, firstly come to the miserable world. In the 1st December, I just sang all the time on my way going home with my practical work partner (Icha)..  “This is my December, my first December oooooh my first December” Icha stared at me and she just said I might have been crazy because of the works I’ve quarreled in the whole day at the QC office. lol

Well, back to the point of discussion-the meaning of 18 !! Hemm… Lemme pour my mind out here. Well most of these taught are pictured from girl’s perspective. lol

First: Being 18 is hard enough! As most of people do, teens in this age used to think about who they want to be. These questions are mostly asked when they’re 18 (or before they’re 18).

“Am I changed?”

If someone says “Yes”, the 18 will ask

“Changed to be better or worse?”

Then sometimes the 18 will think what people judge about his/her changes. They will stay firm on what they think is right! If people say, they’re changed to the negative side but he/she thinks they’re not since they see they’re changed better, he/she will strongly believe and say “You don’t know about me at all”.

Second: Being a single 18 does not matter at all! If you’re single and you’re happy, that’s good. Think up the advantages of being single in this 18.

Third: In this 18, you might understand the song Reflection (Christina Aguilera). I love this song since I was in 6th grade. At that time I just love the song without realizing the meaning of the lyric to life.(This explanation basically have the same meaning with the 1st )..

This song, as if represents the heart of a young girl.

“Who is that girl I see…

Starring straight back at me…

Why is my reflection someone I don’t know…

I won’t pretend that I am

Someone else for all time

When will my reflection show who I am inside”

Well do not think that this song teach us to conceal who we are. We’re not hiding behind the mask!! This song might teach us that we do not have to pretend to be somebody else.

“I am now in the world where I have to hide my heart and what I believe in

But somehow I will show the world what’s inside my heart and be loved for who I am”

If you’re not true to your heart, you might be able to fool others but you cannot fool your heart. You cannot lie yourself!

“Now I see, if I wear a mask I can fool the world.

But I cannot fool my heart….”

When you attempt to be a better person, don’t you give up doing that! People might say the harsh things about things you do, but you are the only one who knows what you’re doing, right?

Fourth: Being 18 means that you must be brave! Be brave to do everything! Be brave to soar, be brave to live your life. You’ll see people. They may don’t like you. They may try to kick you out.  You must be strong and brave all the time! It’s time for you to do this now until the future life you’d live.

Fifth: Well, let’s be a better 18!! Then be the better 19, 20, and so on… Let’s be a good young person for the nation. We surely do it in the different ways, it all depends on our field of life and when all is united, it means we do a better change for the next generation of Indonesia. By improving the good characters of yourself, it means you participate in developing the nation. Be 18, be young be a bless.


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