Season in Darmstadt

Winter in Darmstadt

Let’s see the Winter near the Hochzeitsturm or Five-finger Tower.

Photographer’s Note:

It names “Hochzeitsturm” or Five-finger Tower. What is the history of this tower I dont know unfortunately. But close to this tower is russian Orthodox Church where very often was the last tzar of Russia Nicolaus II because of his wife Alexandra the Hessen’s Prinzess Alice.

 Autumn in Darmstadt 

 This picture was taken close to photographer’s house in Darmstadt.

Fall in Darmstadt 

Photographer’s Note:

I had a long walk through Darmstadt and had camera with me.

It is very typical street in owr town, but I liked the colors of the houses – they were “fall-colors” and because of that I took this picture.

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